Great Weekend with the Boys!!

2016-05-07 21:53:04 chrisburke

Had a great night out last week with some of the local lads while we working over in Liverpool, just wanted to say a big shout out to everyone from Wirral Builders who are a top laugh.

Seriously, if you ever fancy coming over to Wigan boys then give me a shout and we’ll make it a messy one!



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Solicitors in Chester

2015-07-15 21:52:03 chrisburke

Gotta hand it to these guys, they are the business! I was recommend Aarons the best solicitors in Chester as far as I am concerned! We needed to get some conveyancing done within a really short space and time and thanks to a few phone calls and many disappointments later, Aarons came to the rescue. We have now bought the apartment we were renovating and stand to make a tidy sum from the venture!

Get in touch Gary not seen you for a while and you need to get paid mate. Thanks for the roofing advice and to everyone else who contributed over the last few months. I said I’d give a shout out to Aarons so their website is listed above and this is the their Google plus page https://plus.google.com/106633526736210042676 where I actually found them to begin with.

The address:

Aaron & Partners LLP 5-7 Grosvenor Court Foregate Street Chester, Cheshire CH1 1HG

Cheers guys, see you soon.


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I was talking to a roofer the day about blogging...

2015-04-20 14:15:19 chrisburke

For the average repairman, plumber and roofer or basic service provider who depends on nearby patronage to help keep his company thriving, there is nothing more essential than an internet presence. It is used to be all word of mouth and whilst that’s an excellent method and a good way for people to be able to review your workmanship, you need to also think about the limitations of these types of marketing. How many people will really see the sign if the home is not in a busy area? To expand your vision of a bigger better company it’s essential to put aside time for internet marketing, and getting your blog right is essential. I was talking to a local estate agent last week who has just upgrade his website, which looks fantastic. But without regularly adding blog posts it is unlikely to get many visitors to the website. After explaining this to him, the estate agent agreed that posting some new content once or twice per week was a great idea. Edit: update 23/4/15 apparently this guy is now one of the biggest estate agents Bolton has to offer! Seems like Open House was a good move for him and I’ve been thinking about it myself although I’ve no plans to move to Bolton anytime soon LOL.

In truth blogging doesn’t necessarily have to be regular on these construction type sites, even though the home improvement owner who is skilled with his hands for repairs and building might not think he is apt to write about his work. Weblogs are versatile but effective marketing and advertising resources – you don’t require a marketing and advertising or creating level to use an effective “web-blog” that draws in visitors. You just need enough time to purchase developing a crowd and showing what your business does very best. Take a look at a couple of steps you can take having a weblog to assist deliver home owners for your website, and also to get in touch with you for function.

Nothing is more encouraging to a homeowner than to see the progress of the job if you have an especially daunting renovation project. Publishing after, mid and before photos of the bathroom or kitchen redesign, a brand new roofing set up, or perhaps a outdoor patio building allows prospective customers look at you actually in operation, as well as the good results.

You are able to add video clips in articles of specific weblog content material techniques. Display local people the way you run, the standard components you utilize, as well as the effective work that describes your brand name.

Provide special offers on the internet. Measure various campaigns together with your weblog. Promote “weblog only” track and discounts how frequently they may be used.

Provide home remodelling ideas. Does a property owner require a fast solution for your bathroom or tap? Just how can someone always keep their roofing secure during winter? Offer helpful suggestions on your own weblog and make trust and authority.

Having a weblog connected to your primary web site, you offer normal refreshing content material, which notifications search engines like google to provide you with much better leads to research. If you have not done so, and see the positive effects it can have on your online presence, and your business, start a blog today.

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Time For A Loft Conversion

2015-03-18 14:42:08 chrisburke

Everyone knows I’m a Wigan lad at heart, born and bread. If you follow my blog you will have seen that I posted a bunch of images of loft conversions that I love. Well…I want one! I’ve been looking into it and there’s lots of loft conversion companies in Wigan but I really like this one called loft conversions wigan.

my loft conversion project in full swing

This will be me in 6 months guys :)


Anyway, here’s what I’ve found out before deciding to go ahead and bite the bullet so to speak. In the current property market in order to be able to gain a couple of extra rooms might not be an alternative just because it’s sooooo expensive. On the top of the cost, there’s lots of stress and hassle active in the moving process. However, you are able to gain that man cave or extra room just by having a loft conversion and just stay in your home, as they say “move up not out!”. Should you ever move however you will probably increase your home’s value up to 30%. It’s obvious why loft conversions have grown to be the current move to make.

There was a post on their Google plus page https://plus.google.com/u/0/+LoftconversionswiganCoUkofficial and I think it was this that led me to want to use this company – check out that spiral staircase!!! Beautiful!!!  :)

There’s a lot of reasons why people like me want to convert a loft. For instance the top unemployment rate, together with the price of renting means loads of teenagers are  going back to the nest and holding onto their parents apron strings that bit longer. A loft conversion could fill the necessity of a personal retreat for any grown child and wanna be adult (meh, not me LOL). A conversion will give an extra bedroom with en suite for anyone who uses it, if you’re being nice then you could let your parents stay on the ground floor so that they don’t need to climb stairs (if they’re old) and you can justify claiming the space this way (cheeky).

Whatever your requirements and requirements, a loft could well be the solution and, when compared to price of movers, lawyers’ fees and the cost of a brand new house itself, you might be happily surprised because when inexpensive a loft conversion could be.

The Procedure

Prior to starting a loft conversion, a local loft conversion company will inspect and look at the loft to make sure there exists enough available space to create a conversion possible. They are going to also check to ensure there exists adequate headroom and space for your access stairs. An average loft area that is now ready for conversion is around 20 metres square. Practically any area could be turned into usable living area, provided you will find no structural problems linked to the roof or even the house itself.

Next, a local loft conversion company will take a seat along with you to talk about your requirements, wishes and budget and canopy the choices open to you in consideration from the available loft space.

They are going to then design the loft conversion based on the latest building regulations or, in the event you prefer, work from plans you might curently have available. Some companies are pleased to work alongside you by any means you like. The cost quoted you currently is not going to change until you request structural alterations throughout the project. After plans are decided upon, a local loft conversion company will start the paperwork necessary to be able to get the necessary government approvals and permissions.

Once permissions are received, work can start on your own loft conversion when ready. Based on the design chosen, the entire project may take less than 6-7 weeks to finish. An agreement manager is going to be on site from the beginning from the job until it really is finished. It really is their job to cope with any issues that can come up and answer all your questions regarding the building of your brand-new loft.

Make it GREAT!

A conversion can give your family an attractive new space to experience, whether you select an en suite bedroom, a children’s playroom or some other type of space you are able to envision for the family’s needs. You’ll get more choices for your changing circumstances and should be able to remain in your current home instead of face the bother and cost of relocating. A conversion is really a comparatively cheap undertaking, requires just a few weeks to finish and you will definitely be increasing the need for your house by 20-30%. That’s a potential really worth purchasing.

For more information please visit us at http://www.cash-inyourattic.co.uk

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Some great man cave conversions I love

2015-01-11 14:41:29 chrisburke

You’ll see in my opening message that inspiration is my aim with this blog, and I really wanted to visualise what can be achieved with just about any property with a bit of imagination. Sure, you could always buy a new build apartment where everything is done for you, I went to look at Axis Apartments last week and they were very nice, but were a little soulless? Maybe. The benefits of home improvements is that they can be done with any property, without having to outlay hundreds of thousands of pounds. They also allow you to create something completely new to you.New builds tend to have few ways that improvements can be made, plus you pay a premium up front.

So for ll those looking for inspiration, here are some great visual examples of some stunning loft conversions, all of which have made great use of the space available.


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